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Expert Gait Analysis

At Runzone our goal is to get you “the right shoe for you”.

Most common question we get asked.. What’s the best shoe? Unfortunately it’s not that simple, there is no best shoe!! But with our expert team and state of the art Gait Analysis technology, we can get you into the “right/best shoe for you”

When running there are 3 outcomes of your footstrike, supination (very rare), neutral and over pronation. Every running shoe brand produces footwear for neutral runners and over pronators.

We use our instore state of the art video analysis (sounds scary, it’s really not) to get this element of the shoe selection correct, let’s get neutral runners into neutral shoes and over pronators into stability shoes. We combine this with your running history, injury problems and our expert hands on knowledge and experience. Don’t worry, our staff are here to explain the process in a friendly and easy to understand way, they love this part!

Once we know which type of shoe is right for you, it’s time to try on as many brands/models as you like until you find the shoe which feels great for you. We will explain the differences in various models from shoes built purely for comfort, shoes built purely for speed/race day and everything in between.

If you would like more information about your running technique, we are more than happy to chat about it and offer advice, if that’s what you’re looking for! Do you want to know if you are a heel striker or a forefoot striker? We can see that on video and explain the differences.

We can measure for arch height which can play a role in whether you are neutral or an over pronator.

The process can take from 5 minutes to 20/30 minutes depending on how detailed you want to get and we pride ourselves on giving each customer the Rolls Royce service.